ultraRAY™ is the innovative translator workbench which provides software tools for our 10,000 human translators, allowing them to work faster, smarter and collaboratively.

  • Allows project managers to know exactly how fast the translators are going, how many segments are completed and their estimated completion time
  • Simple client validation processes when the translation process is completed
  • Translators work with integrated memory on a client-specific basis for total consistency
  • Automatically pushes each completed file into the review workflow, ensuring each document can be worked on simultaneously

ultraRAY™ connects directly into the RAY translation platform, where customers gain significant commercial benefit when using Straker Translations’ services.


We use technology to speed up translations,  but it’s a human translator that produces the outcome.

“ultraRAY™ is much easier to use than other translation agencies’ tools. I receive all the information I need prior to taking on any project and know exactly what is expected from me. That is something rare among translation agencies. There is always a clear point of contact should any issues arise and questions are answered quickly.” – Triston Goodwin – Senior Translator


RAY is the Straker Translations world leading translation technology platform.

Our complete technology stack simplifies and lowers the cost of translation services.


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