lightRAY™ is Straker Translations’ powerful translator management portal. It allows us to easily manage more than 5,000 professional freelance translators. These translators are tested, scored, ranked and then tracked as they complete projects enabling lightRAY™ to build up a comprehensive profile of their skills. This ensures we match the right translator to your content.



  • Integrated testing and validation
  • Reporting on performance
  • Integrated feedback platform
  • Continual performance tracking
  • Tracking translators by domain subject speciality
  • Vetting quality control


lightRAY™ enables our customers to access 5,000 vetted, tested and experienced translators, to get their jobs completed quickly and efficiently.



lightRAY™ integrates directly to our xRAY™ translation data analytics platform, to match the best translators to your project, based on their skill-set, cost, speed and match for your language pair and subject domain.

30% Instant Savings

Matching the right professional translator to your project results in an instant saving in both time and money. Our data analysis is a critical part of the translator selection process. You get lower prices and the highest quality.

Comprehensive translator selection, testing and ongoing performance benchmarking

We have 200 customized translator tests covering a range of languages and subject domains. Translators must pass pre-selection screening, language and grammar tests, domain subject tests and background validation on translator certification and experience before being selected to work with us.

RAY is the Straker Translations world leading translation technology platform

Our complete technology stack simplifies and lowers the cost of translation services


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