hyperRAY™ is our bespoke machine translation engine that assists translators. It has separate memory capabilities per client, enabling more intuitive and higher quality text matches each time a translator saves content.

Here are some of the key features of hyperRAY™ that enables Straker Translations to offer an unparalleled translation service to our customers


  • Customizable memory for complex industry-specific terms
  • Rapid quoting
  • 24/7 project management
  • Limitless memory bank for customer-specific terminology
hyperRAY™ machine translation connects directly into the RAY translation platform. It sits inside the RAY platform where customers gain significant commercial benefit when using Straker Translations’ unique translation services.


Ahead of its Time

Straker Translations understands the amazing work done by machines in bringing the translation industry into the 21st century. We lead the way in the blending of human operation and machine

Working Smarter

Successful companies in all industries aren’t necessarily working harder, but they are working smarter, and faster. Building hyperRAY enables companies to connect with our intelligent solutions to get higher

RAY is the Straker Translations world leading translation technology platform

Our complete technology stack simplifies and lowers the cost of translation services


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