Unique Pricing Options – So You Pay Less

We have a wide range of pricing options available. Whatever your language choices, subject area and deadline, we will always find the best possible pricing option for you. Professional translation services prices start from as little as £0.10 per word.

Pricing and Payment Options

Pay By Hour

Per hour translation rates work well if you have large volumes of content that need translating quickly – and you need translations regularly. This is the ideal long-term option. Linking the time it takes to complete a translation job to the economic cost of the actual translation means it’s up to us to go fast without ever losing quality. You get your translations quicker and for less. Find out more.

Pay By Word

A per word payment plan works very well for smaller and one-off projects. Prices can also depend on things such as the content type, the language and the timeframe you need. Best of all, you can still enjoy the benefits of free tools like translation memory for the next time, plus online project management, and glossary and reserved word options to assist with consistency and style. Find out more.

Pay By Character

Many clients who have content in a character-based language such as Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese or Korean, struggle to estimate the amount of words they will end up with in their final translation. You can speak to one of our production team or an account manager anytime. They’ll explain the extra benefits of paying by character and explore all your best-price alternatives.

At Straker, we are always looking for ways to ensure we price our translations in ways that benefit our clients so we have calculation methods to help you out. If you prefer us to work out the equivalent word counts for you, simply upload your documents for a free quote or email us and we can get back to you in a few minutes.

Why Pay For Services That Are Free?

With us, you only pay for translations

The majority of translation agencies will charge you for items such as APIs, translation memory, plugins and extensions, online management platforms and so on. We don’t think that’s very fair because we believe all these services should be free. Explore some of our free services below, or contact us to find out more.

Free Integration Tools

Take care of all your translations in the following free extensions for greater efficiency. You can save service and delivery times and lower the cost of translation services with our range of free ‘plug and play’ connectors because you can manage your translations directly from the user interface or admin.


Custom API Connections

Connect to our translation portal via a free customer API. Our API connects directly to your website, so you can send translation projects to your preferred translator at the click of a button. APIs can cope with huge volumes of content so they’re perfect if you’re working across multiple translation projects and have a high demand. Find out more.

Magento Plugins

Connect your Magento store directly to your translator by using our free Magento Plugins for Magento (versions 1 and 2). We’re an accredited Magento technology partner – your quality guarantee, and you’ll find us on the Magento Marketplace. Click on your content choices for easy translations directly from your Magento store and send with the click of a button to your preferred translator. Find out more.

WordPress Plugin

Connect your WordPress website directly to your translator by using our free WordPress Plugin. Drag, drop, copy and paste content directly from your CMS and send with the click of a button to your preferred translator. Find out more.

Free Customer Dashboard

Take advantage of our completely free customer dashboard – deltaRAY. Here you can manage the whole translation process in one centralised, secure platform. You can order jobs, track progress, check and assign your preferred translators and validators. There are never any hidden fees – deltaRAY is completely free. Find out more.

Free Accuracy Tools

We aim to help our customers achieve accurate translations simply and easily – without having to pay extra. We’ve built technology to enable our customers to have peace of mind that their translated content is always accurate, as well as building in accuracy-led human touch points.

Build your Memory Store

Build your unique memory store of translated content. By using this free feature, our translators have a secure store of your translations, meaning the next time you translate we don’t re-translate already translated content; ensuring accuracy and consistency across projects. This also reduces your translation costs.

Build your Unique Glossary

Build a store of commonly used words and phrases to ensure consistency and accuracy. For example, if you use brand and company names or technical terms often, work with us to build a list of these words and phrases. We then translate them and unless you tell us otherwise, we’ll continue to re-use these translations. This also saves money but the main advantage is high-quality translations.

Online Review Tool

Our Validation Platform is a custom-built feature for our clients which enables your chosen reviewers to feedback on the translation by using simple functions. To feedback, the reviewer simply highlights any aspect and writes a comment in the margin, very similar to common word processing platforms. This then goes straight back to the translator for them to work on.

Choose your Reviewer Team

If you have team members in-house who speak the source and target language, you can choose to assign these people as your validators. However, commonly clients don’t have this capacity, so we have a pool of trusted reviewers who can review your content for you. You can try out different validators and select your preferred person who can then be your assigned reviewer.

ISO17100 Certified

The highest level of certification compliance in the translation industry; we offer this service for translations that require an extra seal of accuracy and accreditation.

Translators with Language and Subject Expertise

We take the time to match you with the right translator to achieve high-quality translations. If you need a website translated into Russian, we’ll find a translator with expertise in web translations and the Russian language. By matching projects to expert translators, context is taken into account – which adds a higher layer of accuracy to the project.

Technology-Based Cost Savings

Use our in-house technology to lower your translation costs and save you time. This can be achieved in a number of intelligent ways and at no extra cost to you. Some translation agencies will charge you prohibitive fees for some of these services.


Repeat and Fuzzy Matches

By using memory, repeat clients benefit from repeat and fuzzy matches. When you submit repeat jobs, our memory automatically identifies close and exact matches to previous translations – exact matches are not charged at all and close matches are discounted.

Translation Memory

Our human translators are aided by memory software. Your memory is a unique store of words and phrases you have previously translated which our translators then use to speed up your translations; saving our clients time and money.

Free Collaboration Tools

Any client-agency relationship should be open and transparent which is why we’ve built multiple collaboration tools and processes to benefit your translation workflow – and all completely free for clients.

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