Medical Translation Services

High-quality translations of your multilingual medical and life sciences content

Accurate in-market medical document translation services

With so much regulation and country-specific rules surrounding the medical, pharma and life sciences industries, it is important to use only human medical translators with local language expertize and sector-specific experience. This ensures high-quality and accurate translations to meet the demands of your target markets.

We translate content for enterprise medical clients and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Reliable and timely translations include clinical studies, product information documents, patents, packaging and labelling, medical forms and much more.

Working with global medical organizations

We are the recommended medical translation partner for some of the world’s biggest international medical recruitment companies. We provide convenient, secure and efficient online translation services.

Benefit from free glossaries, reserved words and translation memory tools to add greater efficiencies into the translation process. These are the words and terms you need to be translated in a specific way. Translation memory will surface previously translated words into the next translations. This means there is less unique content to translate the next time. And we don’t charge for repetitions – saving you money.

By building a pre-translated portfolio of your specific brand names, styling and preferred terms. Building pre-translated content enables us to deliver faster and accurate content time and again.

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Total clarity across your projects; including job status, delivery and pricing.

We use translation tech to quickly get your content in front of our human translators.

You save money on translations through our flexible payment plans and time-saving translation management platform

Use our technology to add quality and consistency to your global activities

Glossaries and Reserved Words

Glossaries and reserved words are a simple and free way for us to help drive accuracy, speed and quality for our customers. With a glossary, you can build your own unique store of commonly used words and phrases which have to be translated in a certain way, or not translated at all. These rules can be applied across all your translation projects to ensure consistency and ongoing accuracy.

Validation Platform

Validation enables your chosen reviewers to feedback on the translation by using simple functions. To feedback, the reviewer simply highlights any piece of text and writes a comment in the margin, very similar to common word processing platforms. You can mark up any changes to the translated text that need to appear in the future translation.

Translation Memory

Your memory is a unique store of words and phrases that you’ve had previously translated with us. Translators can see these stored words on all new translation projects and they’ll know they won’t need to translate them again. This helps with consistency and as there’s less unique content to translate, which speeds up translation times. As we don’t charge for repetitions your costs lower over time.


DELTARAY is your free online client dashboard where you can order translations, track job progress, build your own translator and validator teams, and sign-off on translations. All from your secure client login, ensuring translation management is transparent, simple and efficient.

In DELTARAY, your free account dashboard, you can:

  • Enjoy seamless management by using DELTARAY online
  • Quickly push through translations with simple job ordering
  • Stay on top of deadlines by tracking job progress
  • Choose your own team of reviewers and preferred translators