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Scale your global messaging with high-quality, easy-to-manage and cost-effective business document translations. Partner with the business translation agency you can trust.

Meet your free online management system

This is DELTARAY. When it comes to language translation for businesses, you want simple online management. DELTARAY is your free online client dashboard where you can order translations, track job progress, build your own translator and validator teams, and sign-off on translations. All from your secure client login, ensuring translation management is transparent, easy and efficient.

Free Integration Tools

Take care of all your translations with our range of free extensions for greater efficiency and control. You can save time and lower project costs with our range of free ‘plug and play’ connectors. You can manage your translations directly from the user interface or admin.

Custom API

Connect to our translation portal via a free customer API. Our API connects directly to your website, so you can send translation projects to your preferred translator at the click of a button. APIs can cope with huge volumes of content so they’re perfect if you’re working across multiple translation projects and have a high demand.

Magento Plugins

Connect your Magento store directly to your translator by using our free Magento Plugins for Magento (versions 1 and 2). We’re an accredited Magento technology partner – your quality guarantee, and you’ll find us on the Magento Marketplace. Click on your content choices for easy translations directly from your Magento store and send with the click of a button to your preferred translator.

WordPress Plugin

Connect your WordPress website directly to your team using our free WordPress Plugin. Drag, drop, copy and paste content directly from your CMS and send with the click of a button to your preferred translator.

Translation Technology

Take advantage of our free translation technology to bring consistency, unify the tone of voice, standardize your unique terminology and ensure the highest quality levels. You also get time and cost benefits over time the more you translate with us.

Glossaries and Reserved Words

Build a store of commonly used words and phrases to ensure consistency and accuracy. For example, if you use brand and company names or technical terms often, work with us to build a list of these words and phrases, we then translate them and unless you tell us otherwise, we’ll continue to re-use these translations. This builds consistency across your brand because all your messaging is uniform. This also saves money, but the main advantage is high-quality translations. 

Translation Memory

Our business language translators are aided by translation software. Your memory is a unique store of words and phrases you’ve previously translated with us. Memory speeds up translations as your human translator is notified of these stored words on all new translation projects. There’s less unique content to translate which saves our clients time and money. Quality and consistency are assured because these translations won’t change unless you tell us otherwise. 

Industry-Best Pricing

We have a wide range of pricing options available for your business document translation services, and we’ll always find the best possible pricing option for you. Did you know that the majority of translation agencies will charge you for items such as APIs, translation memory, plugins and extensions, online management platforms and so on? All these services should be free. You only pay for translations with us.