Benefit from a stress-free and user-friendly translation management system

Hassle-free and easy

DELTARAY enables customers to manage all their translation projects with us in one place, saving time to get on with other things. One of the major problem’s clients face with translations is how to manage projects. Everything becomes very simple and hassle-free with DELTARAY because you can do everything in the cloud and in a secure environment.

And because you can order and track translations online, you’ll never need to waste time on the phone or sending emails to find out where your translations are in the supply chain. Choose who in your organization can review, comment and manage translations for total transparency.

DELTARAY is a component of Straker’s Ai Powered RAY.

RAY is a made up of a suite of components developed over a decade to cover every facet of the translation process.

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  • Upload glossaries and reserved terms

  • Choose your own team of preferred translators to work exclusively on your content

  • Check your full payment and job history and pay invoices

  • Add or remove users to control who in your business can view translations or submit and approve quotes

  • Seamless translation management with DELTARAY

  • Order new translation jobs straight to preferred translators

  • Fast quoting and easy approval to quickly start new jobs

  • Track job progress and completion rates

  • Search for terms and find saved translations in your unique translation memory

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Straker is not just a translation agency, but truly understands our business and collaborates with us.

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Why Choose Us?

Total clarity across your projects; including job status, delivery and pricing.

We use translation tech to quickly get your content in front of our human translators.

You save money on translations through our flexible payment plans and time-saving translation management platform

Use our technology to add quality and consistency to your global activities

Glossaries and Reserved Words

Glossaries and reserved words are a simple and free way for us to help drive accuracy, speed and quality for our customers. With a glossary, you can build your own unique store of commonly used words and phrases which have to be translated in a certain way, or not translated at all. These rules can be applied across all your translation projects to ensure consistency and ongoing accuracy.

Translation Memory

Your memory is a unique store of words and phrases that you’ve had previously translated with us. Translators can see these stored words on all new translation projects and they’ll know they won’t need to translate them again. This helps with consistency and as there’s less unique content to translate, which speeds up translation times. As we don’t charge for repetitions your costs lower over time.

Validation Platform

Validation enables your chosen reviewers to feedback on the translation by using simple functions. To feedback, the reviewer simply highlights any piece of text and writes a comment in the margin, very similar to common word processing platforms. You can mark up any changes to the translated text that need to appear in the future translation.