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At Straker Translations we provide high quality, cost effective Catalan-English and English-Catalan professional translation services. Many of our clients use our corporate Catalan translation services to get the outcomes they need for their projects quickly and easily.

Translations you can trust

All of our translation processes and systems are certified to ISO17100, the highest global standard for the translation industry. We are members of the Association of Language Companies and TAUS (the European association for language data technology). Our linguists are highly skilled within the translation industry and our systems of in-house testing and validation ensure clients get the highest quality translation. We can provide certified translations for almost any country including legal certified translations.

Fast Turnaround Catalan Translations

Need your content in a hurry? We can provide rapid turnaround translations, even on very large documents, using our lightRAY™ collaborative translation portal. On average translators can get through 3,000-4,000 words per day. Using lightRAY™, our translators can get up to 6,000-7,000 words per day and multiple translators can work on larger documents concurrently, making it possible to get even very large documents translated within a couple of days.

Our Fast and Easy Online Service

We can provide all your translation needs online. It’s a simple, fast process designed to make life easier for our clients and can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office. You can upload your documents via the Instant Quote form on our home page, receive your quote by email, pay online using our secure systems and use our online chat facility. We can send you an electronic version of your translation when it is ready and if you need the original – we can post it out to you.Take the Pain Points out of Your Translation Project

Getting high-quality translations done in short time frames or difficult file types can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating. Not for us, we do this every day, hundreds of times. We have 24 hour project management and intelligent software to ensure you get the translation you need with the minimum amount of hassle and fuss.

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We Have It Covered

With our pool of more than 5,000 translators, we can select someone with not only the language skills you need but also the content knowledge you are looking for. We have unique systems to select just the right person for the job quickly and easily so you have a translation that speaks directly to your audience. Just let us know what you need and we will match the perfect translator for your content.

ISO17100 Quality Certified

What does this mean? The new ISO17100 certification replaced the EN15038 standard in October 2015 and is the highest global quality standard for translation services.

It’s a guarantee to all our customers that we comply to the rigorous testing requirements ‘for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications’, as outlined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

Certificate issuance shows that Straker Translations has in place the processes and resources to deliver a translation service that will meet client specifications and all relevant legislation industry codes and best-practice guides.

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Translation technology and services are advancing at rapid speed - are you getting left behind with an outdated translation process?

A lot of what goes into making translations faster is in simplifying the translation process. We make getting translations completed fast and easy, with our range of unique, technology-enabled solutions.


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