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Use specialist eCommerce translation and localisation services to sell more products

Did you know that 55% of customers prefer to only buy from websites with information in their native language? Translate your eCommerce store to reach a bigger audience in different languages using professional human translators.

We use data analytics behind the scenes to match the right translator to your content as human translators drive quality. Being matched to translators with specific industry expertise across your chosen subject domain ensures quality, speed and accuracy – and gets you the best possible outcome for your online retail translation services.

How to Easily Translate Your eCommerce Store

We offer two options for eCommerce translation services. For stores that run on Magento, our Magento translation plugins are the simplest choice, and for stores not on Magento, take advantage of our custom API connections to connect directly to your preferred translators.

Custom API

Connect to our translation portal via a free customer API. Our API connects directly to your website, so you can send translation projects to your preferred translator at the click of a button. APIs can cope with huge volumes of content so they’re perfect if you’re working across multiple translation projects and have a high demand. Find out more.


Magento Plugins

Connect your Magento store directly to your translator by using our free Magento Translation Plugin. We’re an accredited Magento technology partner and you can find the Straker Translations Extension on the Magento Marketplace – your quality reassurance for our products. Select the content directly from your Magento store and send to us with the click of a button for human translations in Magento. Find out more.

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Interested in finding out more about how to translate your eCommerce store with an API Connection or using our Magento Plugin? Register for a demo to see how simple eCommerce translation management can be.

New to eCommerce Translations?

Translating your eCommerce store for a global audience can be a daunting task. At Straker Translations we have the tools, systems and people to get you selling to the world with minimum fuss!

Our free ready-to-use connectors work across major CMS and eCommerce platforms including Magento (versions 1 and 2). We translate your content and can enable translations to take place every time you alter the content of your main site. Simply send us the page that needs translating and we’ll do the rest. There’s no need to cut and paste anything, and we only translate the new content, which keeps things simple. Contact us to find out more.

Getting started with translating your eCommerce is simple with Straker Translations, and the benefits of translating your store can be huge…

6 out of 10
Only buy from websites in their own language

7 out of 10
Visit English-only websites

6 out of 10
Prefer to have websites in their own language than having a cheaper price

Increased Visibility

Localised eCommerce stores, translated SEO, consistent branding and localised product terminology help increase brand awareness and drive local traffic to your eCommerce website.

Smooth Customer Service

Online help documentation, FAQs, customer support in local language and tailored shipment and return/refund policy contribute to seamless customer service.

Improved User Experience

Local currency, payment options, culturally relevant content, localised product information and video content ensure great user experience, which contributes to conversion rate.

Long Term Engagement

Professionally localised marketing and brand messages, campaigns and video content boost long term customer loyalty and engagement with your brand.

Why Choose Us?


Select, view and publish translations directly from your CMS with our free to download and easy-to-use Magento plugin or custom API

Lower cost

Benefit from a wide range of flexible payment plans for eCommerce stores to help you reach new global customers for less


Manage all your eCommerce translation management requirements through deltaRAY – your free online customer account dashboard

Now meet your free online management system

Your free online customer dashboard.


Here you can manage the whole translation process. Including; ordering translations, tracking job progress, selecting and building your own translator and validator teams, and signing-off on completed translations.


All from a secure client login, ensuring translation management is transparent, simple and efficient. Find out more.

Enjoy seamless translation management

Quickly and simply order new translations

Stay on top of deadlines with online job tracking metrics

Build your own team of reviewers and preferred translators

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Take the free demo to find out how simple it is to manage translations in deltaRAY

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